Frequently Asked Questions

Engraving Guide 

At Engrave Express we use a variety of machines to deliver custom engraving on a wide variety of materials and products. Mostly we use the latest technology machines to diamond engrave and laser engrave customer personalisations, inscriptions, logos and bespoke designs. We also use laser engraving machines to engrave on wood, slate and stainless steel.

Can I bring an item in for engraving?

We provide In-house engraving services for a wide range of items including plastics, wood, metal and glass. Using the latest machines our team of experienced engravers can add a personal touch to your award or gifts with an engraved message or logo.

We are unable to engrave items larger than our machine base and/or vice capacity. Please contact us on 01736 350274 to discuss your engraving requirements.

Do you provide a same-day service?

We can offer a same day service please get in touch as early as possible on the day to ensure that we can schedule in your job. Our machines are in use throughout the day personalising customer orders and web store orders, it is really helpful if we have advance notice to plan in same-day work. Generally we turn engraving around in 1-2 days.

What materials do you engrave?

We have a range of engraving machines and can mark and persoanlise a borad range of materials by either laser engraving or diamond engraving. We can engrave wood, plastics, acrylics, glass, slate and metals, if you have somethibg specific in mind why not give us a call to discuss your ideas? 01736 350274

How much do you charge for engraving?

Please see our engraving service page for current prices 

Do you do volume engraving?

Yes we do. Our machine capacity is substantial and we offer discounted engraving prices for volume repeat jobs, get in touch 01736 350274 to discuss your requirements.

Do you sell engravable items?

We do yes we have 100’s of engraved gifts, pet id tags, signs, plaques and trophies take a look through our online-store to discover our range

Can you cut as well as engrave?

We can cut shapes and designs in wood and acrylic and some light aluminium. 

We cannot cut glass, slate or stainless steel and thick metals.

Do you engrave logos, icons bespoke designs?

 Yes we can engrave logos and designs from your digital files (jpeg/png/pdf) Generally the better quality the digital file the better the engraving will appear. We are unable to engrave designs directly from photographs but can offer a graphic design service to transform most images/designs into digital files. Designs engrave differently on various materials we can advise you of the likely result on metals, glass etc  to most of our pet id tags but some materials work better than others and it can depend on the complexity of the logo. Let us know your idea and we’ll be happy to help to make it a reality.

Please note that we may charge a set up fee for importing and configuring logos and designs to convert them to engravable files.

What fonts do you use for engraving?

Most common fonts are compatible with our engraving software and we can vectorise and import some other text designs from jpeg or png files. We find from our experience that certain fonts engrave clearer for a better result  and we can advise customers of recommended fonts for different materials. If you’d prefer an alternative font then just let us know.

Are the pet tags that you sell deep-engraved?

Some of the tags are deep engraved, yes. Some of the fashion pet identity tags have a lighter engraving due to the material which will not take deep-engraved inscriptions. We engrave and we all of our tags as deep as possible and to achieve the most durable finish. How long the engraving will last can depend on the tag, the use and the environment it is exposed to. If you have any questions about the durability of pet tags please contact us so that we can advise you of the pet tag most suited to your pet, your lifestyle and the environment it will be used in.

Do you work with schools and local government?

We work with many Cornish schools, clubs, large organisations and local government. We can work with registered supplier list and purchase order systems. Contact us to learn  more or to discuss your particular organisation’s needs.

Do you post your items?

We are delighted to ship our engraved gifts, pet id tags, signs, plaques trophies and medals throughout the UK and internationally

Do you engrave plaques on trophies?

We can engrave the last winner details onto your existing trophies, cups and medals. We can add new trophy plaques and plates if they are required. Simply pop it into our shop in Long Rock, Penzance for one of our team to advise and provide more details. 

Where are you?

We are located in Long Rock just off the A30 on the outskirts of Penzance. We are conveniently located for most of west Cornwall, Helston, St Ives, Hayle, St Just, Camborne, Redruth and Truro

UNIT 5E just before Screwfix on the right, look for our orange sign - Postcode for Sat Nav TR20 8HX 

Do you have a shop?

Yes we do we have small shop in our workshop where we have a number of products on display and can advise customers on their ideas. Our full range is so extensive that it's not possible to have everyhting on display. You can find it here on our website. You are welcome to visit us in our shop at any time and we will be happy to show you examples of our engraved materials

Questions about engraving

If we can answer and questions about our engraved gifts, plaques, trophies or engraving services then please do contact us 01736 350274 one of our trained advisors will be happy to advise you

You can email us an image of your item for engraving and one of our team will advise you of its suitability for engraving or why not bring it along to our Long Rock store and we'll take a look at it for you?